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…all in a gorgeous location in the Swiss mountains

Confirmed Guest Speakers

Dr. Fenne grosse Deters, University of Potsdam (Chair for Business Informatics , esp. Social Media and Data Science, Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences)

  • Talk: Big data in academic research: Opportunities and challenges 

Dr. Sabrina Guye, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Basel (Switzerland), Personalised Healthcare (PHC) Data Science

  • Talk: StarTrack: Big data and data science to personalized healthcare in the pharmaceutical industry

Nadia Fischer, Founder of Witty Works

  • Video interview about experiences as a start-up founder


M.Sc. Sabine Dziemian & M.Sc. Martyna Plomecka, University of Zurich (Methods of Plasticity Research Unit, Department of Psychology)
  • Coding workshop: Dealing with large and complex datasets in python
  • Description: In this hands-on workshop we will use the general-purpose programming language Python. We will work with some of the main libraries for data management and analysis as Pandas (Python Data Analysis Library), NumPy, and SciPy. The goal of this course is to manage and perform basic analysis and statistics on a large dataset. An example data set and a code skeleton will be provided as a Jupyter Notebook. Supporting course material will be circulated prior to the workshop and the level of difficulty will be adapted according to your background

Gaby Rockmann-Partridge, Rockmann Consulting, communications trainer and coach

  • Negotiation workshop: Negotiating confidently
  • Description: Women typically don’t ask for raises, promotions, or better opportunities. Unlike men, they don’t ask for recognition for the work they do. Women report feeling much less confident about negotiating than men do. Without question effective negotiating skills are absolutely essential for both companies and female employees. As a result of this workshop participants will:
      • Think differently about negotiating as a way to solve problems
      • Discover a negotiating style that fits their personality
      • Avoid common mistakes women often make when negotiating
      • Utilise the language of female leadership
      • Practice a negotiation conversation and receive coaching and feedback on their approach

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